In order to comply with Government regulations, and guidance on large gatherings, the LWGA will not be holding an AGM.  The scheduled AGM on 2nd November at Woodhall Spa is therefore cancelled.

Instead, at the end of October 2020, Club Secretaries and Delegates will receive:

  • Minutes of the AGM 2019
  • Annual Reports from the Treasurer, Secretary, Competition Secretary, Captan and Vice Captain, Junior Organiser, Midland North Representative, Handicap Advisor/Liaison Officer, Scratch Score Assessor and League Secretary.
  • A form requesting confirmation of receipt, approval and adoption of all reports on behalf of your Club

We hope the majority of questions you might have wished to raise at this year's AGM will be covered in the Officer's Reports, but any other matters you wish to bring to our attention may be either attached to your confirmation of receipt or sent separately by email to secretary@lwga.com