Mission Statement

Our Mission......

'To provide fun and competitive golf in Lincolnshire for amateur female players of all ages and all abilities.'

Who we are…
  • A friendly and dedicated team of volunteers, with a modern approach to golf. Our events
    bring people together in a social environment where competitions are run in the best
    spirit of the game.
  • ‘You don’t have to be a great golfer to participate in our events or volunteer with us.’

Our Ambition / Vision
  • For all women and girls in Lincolnshire to recognise the benefits of playing golf and feel
    they would be welcomed into the game

Our Approach
  • To listen to clubs and golfers’ views and perspectives
  • To be a strong and supportive team of volunteers
  • To champion girl’s golf
  • To try new things and not be afraid to fail
  • To empower women in golf to make a difference

What do we do?
  • Organise social and competitive golf opportunities for amateur players of all ages
    and all abilities.
  • Represent women’s golf in Lincolnshire at all levels.
  • Run coaching programmes to help and encourage talented golfers to reach their
  • Help girls have a positive early experience in the game through our development
  • Select teams to represent Lincolnshire.
  • Work with our stakeholders to support the betterment of sport within the county
    – including the Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs (LUGC), affiliated clubs, the Golf
    Foundation and England Golf.
  • Provide help and support to clubs and members in the administration of the World
    Handicap System.
  • Undertake course rating assessments in partnership with the LUGC