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If you wish to enter any of the LWGA and/or LVLGA events please register first with Golf Genius, our new Tournament Software.  

The schedule of events can be found under 'County Competitions 2021"  above.



Handicap & Scratch League Winners - 2021

The Final of the Scratch League was played on 2nd September at Spalding Golf Club.  The winners of Scratch North, Lincoln G.C. played the winners of Scratch South, Greetham Valley,  after a very close match, Greetham Valley won 2 games to 1.  

The Final of the Handicap League was played at Louth Golf Club on Monday 20th September.  The winners of the North League were Elsham A , played the winners of the South League, Toft, after a very had fought battle, Toft Won 3-1.


Many congratulations to all the finalists.



County Finals

Congratulations to Surrey for a great win at the 2021 County Finals.

Lincolnshire finished in 5th place, after losing 3-2 to Yorkshire on the final day.  

This was a very creditable performance by everyone, reaching the finals is a great achievement.

Thanks to everyone who went along and gave such wonderful support to the Lincolnshire Team

Well done everyone.



County Finals - Day 2 Results

Lincolnshire had a very tight match aginst Hertfordshire this morning, and we came out the winners with a 3-2 victory.  Sophie & Meg lost the first foursomes but Nel and Courney turned it around to win the 2nd match 2 & 1.  Ellise won 4 & 3, and Billie Jo won on the 18th with an amazing birdie.  Tilly went to the 18th but unfortunately lost her match.  

This afternoon against Surrey, Billie Jo won her match, but the team lost 2 - 1, and we lost both foursomes matches so the result was a 2 -  0

Tomorrow we face Yorkshire, so good luck to everyone.


County Finals Week - Day 1 Results

Lincolnshire had a great result against Somerset this morning with a 3 1/2 - 1 1/2 win.  Sadly had a disappointing afternoon losing 4-1 to Buckinghamshire. 

Lincolnshire are currently in 4th place overall.

Tomorrow's matches are against Hertfordshire in the morning session and Surrey in the afternoon.


Good luck to all our girls.



Showing 1 - 5 of 90 Items (Page 1 of 18)