Woodroffe Walter Cup

29 boys and 8 girls competed in the Woodroffe Walter Cup on Friday, 11th August at Belton Park.

36 holes were played and the winner of the girls Woodroffe Walter Cup with Best Gross was Ellie Haughton (150 gross).  Runner-up was Tilly Garfoot (160 gross) and 3rd Lois Williamson (166 gross).

Tilly Garfoot was runner-up in the overall nett prize with a nett 140.  Tilly also won the overall best nett for the morning round (76-10=66) and Ellise Rymer won the overall best nett for the afternoon round (88-22=66).

The morning round was a Daily Telegraph qualifier and Ellie Haughton (best gross 73) and Tilly Garfoot (best nett 76-10=66) both qualified.

All 8 girls will play in the match play finals in October.