Scratch League Rules



  1. At the beginning of each season any member belonging to more than one affiliated club may play for either club in the scratch or handicap league, but she must stay with that club for the year in that particular league.
  2. Captains must exchange their completed team sheets on arrival at the club.
  3. Three singles matches only.  A player up to Handicap Index 4.5, 4.6-9.5 and 9.6-13.5. If a team is unable to field a player within these categories then they may substitute as they wish but must still play off scratch. All matches to start from the first tee.
  4. Matches to be played to a natural conclusion ie 3&2 etc.
  5. Teams will play both home and away matches within the year.  If possible, the home teams should offer at least one weekend date to the away team when arranging the matches.
  6. Points will be awarded for each match as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. In a conceded match winners will receive 2 points, the loser 0 points. No count back of games or holes from the conceded match.
    In a conceded game the winners will be awarded the conceded remaining holes.
  7. Home Club (the Captain) to be responsible for sending the results on official match sheets, as soon as  possible to the League Secretary:
    Mrs Polly Brettle, 4 Somerby Green, Somerby, Barnetby, N Lincs DN38 6TX
    Tel: 01652 628225
  8. In order to determine the winner or in the event of a tie: when all matches have been played, the total points won determines the winner. If a tie then a count back on individual matches won. If there is still a tie, count back on holes won. If there is still a tie a play-off on a neutral course will be arranged.
  9. Matches to be played between 29th March and 3rd September 2021.  Permission may be requested for a new date if matches have to be cancelled due to inclement weather. In the event of a match being halted once started teams should rearrange. If this is not possible a halved match will be awarded.
  10. The winning club from the North will play the winning club from the South on a neutral course for the title Lincolnshire Ladies Scratch Champions. In the event of a tie the first pair play sudden death to determine the winner.
  11. Players must walk at all times during league matches unless permitted to use a golf buggy by the League Secretary. Permission will be given to those players having a current medical condition on the day of the relevant match, who have given prior notification to the League Secretary and the opposing team Captain/Representative. The Association will take each player on trust and will not enquire into the nature of any said medical condition, nor will it require evidence by way of a medical certificate as proof of such a condition. The buggy shall be for the use of the player and her equipment. Hiring of the buggy shall be the sole responsibility of the player. Players are expected to familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety policies of the host club in so far as it relates to ride on buggies
  12. Distance Measuring Devices may now be used in County matches
  13. Any infringement of the League Rules may result in the loss of the match.
  14. Any club wishing to enter or withdraw from the League for the following year must do so IN WRITING by 31st July 2021.
  15. The League Sub Committee shall consist of the County Captain, County Vice Captain, Immediate Past Captain, League Secretary, Secretary (Ex Officio) and a Representative from each of the County Divisions currently serving on the Executive Committee.