Message from the Chairman

Dear Ladies

My colleagues on the Executive Committee and I take this opportunity to send you our warmest best wishes for 2021 and to thank you for your continued support of the LWGA.

We hope you remain safe and well despite the new lockdown and the continued pandemic impact. It’s a tough time. But the progress of the vaccination programme, the perceptible appearance of longer afternoon daylight and signs in gardens, parks and I believe, but haven't seen for myself just recently, golf courses, of an early spring perhaps hint of better times around the corner.  We obviously can't guarantee our golfing lives will return to normal any time soon, but the LWGA is committed to a full schedule of competitions and running County leagues should restrictions allow us to play safely.

During this lockdown we are working quietly in the background to ensure when we do return to golf you have a new improved system for entering and paying for County competitions, a new app for league captains to return results and for the LWGA league website to be more user friendly.  More news on this will follow very soon.  I know many of you are keen to get something in your diaries, so until the entry forms are loaded please look at the calendar of events and hopefully you may like to keep the dates free.  Do note the new Spring Meeting competition for players with Handicap Indexes of 36.5 - 54 to be held at Carholme Golf Club.

With my fingers crossed, I look forward to seeing you at the County Championships in early May at Boston Golf Club.


Kind regards

Sheilah Mitchell