LVLGA Spring Meetings - North & South

We are delighted that both the Spring Meeting North at Ashby Decoy and South at Greetham Valley were held in glorious sunshine.  Everyone who took part enjoyed the hospitality from both golf clubs and there were some excellent scores recorded.  Thanks go to everyone who took part and for all the organisers at both events. 

Special congratulations go to Margaret Littlemore from Greetham Valley who scored a fabulous hole in one on the 14th hole


The results from the Spring Meeting in the North were:

1st with 41 points were Deborah Kerr and Geraldine Scott from Grimsby G.C.

2nd with 40 points were Georgina Pickworth and Christine Fletcher from Sleaford G.C. and Thonock Park G.C.

3rd with 39 points were Joan Baker and Pauline Smith from Cleethorpes G.C.

4th with 39 points were Angie Francis and Elaine Houlton from Kenwick Park G.C.

5th with 39 points were Maria Chase and Wendy Hill from Waltham Windmill G.C. 


The results from the Spring Meeting in the South were:

1st with 47 points were Lynda Lancaster and Karen Collins from Burghley Park G.C. 

2nd with 45 points were Gillian Lamming and Ann Lyon from Sleaford G.C.

3rd with 45 points were Jan Machin and Lorraine Robertson from Belton Woods G.C.

4th with 44 points were Margaret Yelland and Margaret Stern from Lincoln G.C.

5th with 42 points were Jo Robinson and Pat Jones from Greetham Valley G.C.