Junior Fundraiser

14 Ladies and 16 Juniors had a great day at South Kyme in the annual Junior Fundraiser at South Kyme on Saturday, 22nd July.

It was a hot summers day and the course, the food and hospitality was great.


Winning Team: Jayne Crooks (Lady President), Ruth Robertson, Neve Begley & Ellise Rymer

2nd Place: Angela Roper, Pat Jones, Tilly Garfoot & Tilly Kedzlie

3rd Place: Joan Would, Margaret Yelland, Chloe Vickers & Courtney Martland

4th Place: Cindy Ireland, Jo Burden, Charley Dennett & Leah Dennett


Well done to new Juniors Neve Begley and Chloe Vickers both amongst the top teams.

Thank you once again to Ping for the prizes.